Tips And Tricks For Getting Your Tooth Brushing Technique Right

While many people are consistent when it comes to tooth brushing at regular intervals throughout the day, others often overlook the importance of good technique when tooth brushing. Taking the time to get technique right can greatly improve dental health and oral hygiene. For example, it is typically recommended by dental care experts to avoid brushing in wide strokes that go from side to side. This can actually damage the gum line and cause other dental health related problems.

Inner And Outer Surface Of Each Tooth
It is best to hold a toothbrush at about a 45° angle with reference to the gums. With that said, it is recommended to then move the brush in an up-and-down motion in short and gentle strokes. Equally of concern when it comes to brushing technique is to always brush all tooth surfaces. This includes the molars as well as the inner and outer surface of each tooth. Good technique also involves brushing the tongue every time you brush. Another great strategy for improving brushing technique is to change one’s routine at regular intervals.

Pain Or Discomfort
Switching things up is a great way to ensure a complete and thorough brushing. Starting in different places each time you brush will guarantee that no area is missed at any particular time. Finally, it is equally vital to always take the time to choose carefully when it comes to toothpaste and toothbrushes. Consult with your dental care provider to know which toothpaste and which type of toothbrush is best for your particular and unique needs. As an added note, anytime there is any pain or discomfort when brushing it is important to meet with your dentist. Contact Chetwood Dental Houston today to learn more about trusted and affordable Houston dental care services.