Root Canals

When is a Root Canal Needed?

If you have been told that you need a root canal, it is normal to be nervous. In some cases, a root canal could be so expensive that recovering from the financial burden is more painful than the procedure itself. If you have these worries, please visit us at Chetwood Dental Clinic in Houston. We provide affordable and high-quality endodontic services to everyone who needs it, ensuring that it is pain-free both on the mouth and the wallet.

If you have tooth decay that has gone too long without treatment, the nerve and pulp of the tooth itself can have significant infection and inflammation. If this is the case, a root canal could be needed. A root canal sits in the space between the root and the tooth itself. In this procedure, a trained dentist will remove this infected and inflamed tissue from the root canal. After this, material is placed in the canal to prevent the infection and inflammation from coming back.

After the Procedure

Once the root canal has been finished, your dentist could tell you that ancillary services are needed to keep the tooth as healthy as possible. Examples of possible services include the placement of a crown or a dental implant. If possible, these procedures will be performed at the same visit.

If you need a root canal but have questions about paying for the procedure, please allow Chetwood Dental Clinic in Houston to be your endodontic solution. We can work with you to find affordable ways to receive not only the root canal but also a crown or an implant as well. Please call us today for a consultation.