What are Retainers?

Once you have had your braces removed, it will be important to keep your teeth in their proper position. This is the purpose of a retainer. Once the teeth settle into place, they could start to move back. A plastic retainer has a simple wire on it and is used to keep the teeth in their proper location. When someone has their braces removed, a mold of their mouth will be taken to ensure that the retainer fits their teeth perfectly.

When Do I Need Retainers?

Once braces are removed, it is a good idea to have the mold of the mouth taken as quickly as possible so that the retainer can be made and applied before the teeth move out of position. It is important to wear the retainer according to the instructions of the oral health professional. Some retainers are permanent while others are meant to be taken out. In many cases, you may only have to wear the retainer at night. In other situations, you could have to wear your retainer for the entire day. For more information, it is important to follow the advice of your orthodontist. Please call us today with any questions or concerns.