Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction: Simple

There are many reasons why your tooth may need to removed. While this can be a scary idea, trust the experts at Chetwood Dental Clinic to make this procedure quick and painless. Examples of possible reasons for an extraction include a fractured tooth, gum disease, or tooth decay. Some people could even have extra teeth. They might also be removed as part of receiving dentures. In a simple extraction, local anesthetic will be placed at the extraction site to minimize pain. After this, forceps will be used to rock the tooth back and forth, under pressure, to remove the tooth.

Dental Extraction: Surgical

If a tooth cannot be reached easily (either because the fracture site is under the gums or because the tooth hasn’t come in yet), a surgical extraction could be needed. In this procedure, more extensive anesthesia is used because an incision will need to be made in the gum line. This incision will reveal the tooth that must be removed. After this, incision, the tooth will be removed and the gum will be stitched closed. If you have questions, please contact us today to learn more.