Dental Crowns

Crowns: An Overview

When you are planning your cosmetic needs related to dental services, you might realize that dental crowns could be in your future. Crowns are tools that are used to cover or seal teeth that might have been damaged, cracked, or decayed by wear and tear or by an acute traumatic event. The crown will protect what remains of the tooth while also ensuring that the tooth is aesthetically pleasing to you and the casual observer. In the early days, crowns were made out of metal that was obvious to the naked eye. Today, crowns are constructed using porcelain or resin, which is just as durable but also blends in with the natural color of your teeth.

Crowns: The Procedure

When the dentist is going to place the crown in your mouth, they are going to reshape the original tooth first. After this, the tooth decay will be removed so that the healthy tooth is all that remains. Finally, the tooth is scanned to ensure that the crown will fit precisely on top of the tooth itself. A temporary crown is put in place while the permanent crown is molded to fit the scan.