Cavities & Fillings


Pretty much everyone is familiar with the word “cavity,” a word that can strike fear into everyone’s heart. Despite the reputation, you should not be afraid of cavities. At Chetwood Dental Clinic, we have a team of skilled dentists who will be with you every step of the way, helping you to remain as comfortable as possible during the treatment process.

Cavities arise from bacteria which have infected the tooth and released substances that have damaged the mineral structure of the teeth. This causes them to soften, leaving holes in the teeth. In many cases, cavities are destroying the minerals faster than the body can replace the enamel. Fluoride and calcium products can help to protect the teeth; however, cavities also require fillings.

The Filling Procedure

Once cavities have been identified, they will need to be filled. There are two different parts to this procedure. First, the tooth may need to be cut to ensure that the fillings have room. Next, the decay from the tooth will need to be removed to restore the proper function to the tooth. Once these two steps have been performed, the cavity can be filled with materials that match the shade of the tooth.

Even though the fillings procedure could seem extensive, our experts at Chetwood Dental Clinic have had extensive training to ensure that this process proceeds as smoothly as possible. Our staff will work to make you comfortable and our experts will ensure that your teeth look as good as new.