Why Does Someone Need Bridges?

If you have missing teeth, this can be a serious blow to your confidence due to the aesthetic issues this creates. This also impacts the functionality of the mouth, leading to issues such as TMJ (lockjaw), speech issues, and problems with tooth decay. At Chetwood Dental Clinic, we strive to make sure that everyone has the chance to receive a dental bridge to correct any problems created by missing teeth. We also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their concerns addressed prior to the procedure.

Requirements of Dental Bridges: Tooth Shaping

When someone has dental bridges, there is some shaping of the surrounding teeth that must take place in order for the bridge to sit properly. After this has been done, dental crowns will be placed over the shaped teeth so that the dental bridge will sit properly. If the front teeth are the ones that are being bridged, the dentist is going to use a resin-bonded bridge. In order for this to function properly, the teeth on either side and the gums supporting those teeth must be healthy.

Because of different circumstances, the specifics regarding the dental bridge will vary from patient to patient. This customization will make sure that you will have the best dental bridge for your needs. Rely on the experts at Chetwood Dental Clinic in Houston to make sure that your smile is beautiful.